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Hi Ernest,

It was about this time last year you and your boys were on our Hangar roof putting down foam. The project was a success. NO LEAKS, and I think it helped the heat bill!!

Thanks for the good work! I finally caulked the door panels, hopefully that will stop the water from coming inside the door.

I imagine you guys are busy between the rains. Hope this note finds you and your family well!!!

Be Safe
Doug and Jane Schwanz
W.S. Darley & Co. engaged Schwartz Coating to fix roof leaks at our production facilities in Chippewa Falls.

Ernest Schwartz and his crew cleaned, applied primer and finally a finish coat of acrylic to our 77,000 sq. ft. roof. Work was completed in a timely manner, and the crew was sensitive to not upsetting the normal day-to-day manufacturing operation.

As with any huge roof, we had a couple of spots that proved harder to seal than others. But we are very pleased with the response from Schwartz Coating. When we called about a "hot spot", Ernest and his crew returned to our site, tracked down the problem, and applied material to prevent future leaks. We were very impressed with the quick response and willingness to track down problems when they arise.

We would recommend Schwartz Coating to other companies looking for a long term solution for their roofing needs.

February 19, 2016

We had Schwartz Coatings seal coat several buildings at our 80,000 square foot factory 2 years ago.

What a great investment and what great people to work with. We have no more leaks, no more ice build ups, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

I would highly recommend Schwartz Coatings for any roof work you need done.
Thanks for a great job.

Dave Nedland
President, Nedland Industries, Inc.
Ridgeland, WI
February 27, 2013
The Bank of Wonewoc entered into an agreement to improve the roof of our 17 Unit Apartment Building in Mauston, WI in October of 2012. The project was completed in November of 2012.

The projected included installing a Flexion Membrane 60 mil. surface onto our existing flat roof. The overlapping edges were heat welded together and Flexion was also fastened along the roof edge.

The project was completed for us in a very satisfactory manner and there have been no problems with any of the work since the project has been completed. We would recommend this product and work to anybody who might ask and would be willing to have any potentioal clients inspect this project if desired.

Bruce Schroeder
Senior Vice-President
Bank of Wonewoc, Wonewoc, WI

We had Ernest install a new roof liner on our flat roof. The roof was in rough shape with a lot of dips and valleys and it leaked every time it rained. Ernest went the extra mile and stayed on budget at the same time! Originally Ernest showed up with 3 bales of foam to flatten the roof, but he did it right and ended up using over 20 bales. Now the roof works as good as it looks. We chose a white roof and it did lower our cooling costs despite the record heat. I highly recommend Ernest to anyone with a flat roof because he does professional work.

Dave Lofquist
Economy Furniture, Chippewa Falls, WI

"We have a building with a low sloped metal roof. Every Spring we were plagued with ice build up, leaks, etc. After hearing about Schwartz Coatings and their SPF system, we decided to do about one third of the roof as a trial. That section of the roof had 6" to 12" of snow on it all winter. The rest of the roof would be showing bare metal soon after a heavy snowfall because of heat loss. Needless to say, Schwartz Coatings was back the next year to do the rest. SPF Not only fixed our leaks, but lowered our energy costs."

David Feddick, President