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Schwartz Coatings
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About Us - Schwartz Coatings

Schwartz Coatings is a family owned business that was founded in April of 1999. We started out strictly coating metal roofs. A year later we added a foam rig which allowed us to expand our options to lower sloped roofs. Later we added single ply’s to broaden our options even more. We have always used Conklin products and have no plans to change in the future. While we strive to be competitive in the market place, we will never sacrifice on the quality of products that we use. Conklin Company was the pioneer in Acrylic coatings, paving the way in the early 1970’s. We pay as much as up to 60% more for our products than some of our competitors.

Our goal was never to become a big company but rather to become well known.
We love what we do, our motto being, (life is too short to be doing something we don’t enjoy)!!

Schwartz Family
Ernest Schwartz and family

Customer satisfaction and integrity will always be our top priority!

But doing good business isn’t the only thing we are passionate about. We believe that strong families are the backbone of America. Family time together is very important to us. We are a very active family with most of us involved in music. Most Sundays you will find us in church leading the praise and worship. Duane (the oldest) plays bass and has no fear on a snowmobile, giving even his Dad a run for his money when it comes to hill climbing!! Dennis (second in line) is a drummer. He thinks everything in life has something to do with basketball. Lavon (third) plays the meanest electric guitar possible for somebody his age. He plays almost on a daily basis and will be one of the next great leaders in music. Lorinda & Luanne (twins) play keyboard and dance ballet. They have both been in the “Nutcracker” twice when it visited our local town. Jon (our youngest) wants to be like all of his big brothers. Laurie is a book worm and loves to work outdoors! Her flowers and garden are always calendar picture perfect. Me, I’m a drag racing/truck pulling freak, having one of the very few twin turbo charged 7.3 Power Strokes in the world. Mom (Laurie) and I (Ernest) are very proud of our children. When life’s end draws close with old age, it’s not wealth or fame that will be the most important! If we don’t have the hearts of our children than we don’t have anything!!

We are committed to be a model for trust and integrity and are passionate about bringing Christ back to the marketplace in this great land of ours that was founded on the word of God!! We believe that if we become passionate about something then it has to become a lifestyle.